The conference about digital strategies in heritage

2 - 3 December 2013
De Doelen, Rotterdam

Theme: New Competencies

Who is the next hire, and how to manage him or her?

Rapid digitisation is one of the defining trends of contemporary society. The digital shift continues to have a massive impact on the ways in which cultural goods are created, managed, disseminated, accessed, consumed and monetised. Innovative approaches are needed to deal with the expectations of today’s digital audiences. Projects involving cultural content and digital innovation provide a starting point for exploring our new competencies, but how do we incorporate these competencies into our daily working lives and into our organisations?

Two of the central questions within this topic are: How can heritage institutions equip themselves for these new roles and new competencies? And which skills will be needed to guide your institution through this transition? DISH2013 will examine the different types of knowledge, human resources and management which are essential to help your organisation to implement the necessary change. The conference will also investigate what this will mean for workflow and the use of resources. These changes will influence the educational curriculum at high schools and universities: do these still fit the needs of contemporary heritage institutions? In addition, we will focus on ways to advance digital skills within your organisation which are appropriate to new developments. We will question how best to shift activities from the physical to the digital domain as well as examining the competencies of your data once this has been achieved. Then, to take things a step further, we will look at how the results should be reported and evaluated.

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