The conference about digital strategies in heritage

2 - 3 December 2013
De Doelen, Rotterdam

Neil Bates

Sous-chef - Europeana Foundation

Social media is your shop window, so put your good stuff in it.


Neil Bates is a Marketing Specialist at the Europeana Foundation. Neil’s job is to find and develop new ways for people to explore, learn about, share and play with their cultural heritage. Working with a range of Europeana’s partners, Neil has pushed the boundaries of social media to present some of Europe’s most important cultural collections in new and different ways, in turn, highlighting the value of social media engagement for memory institutions. Neil is currently working with Chris Wild of Retronaut to publish an e-book showcasing Retronaut’s success and how the same kind of thinking has been applied to Europeana’s social media activities to great effect. The e-book, which is due to be released in December 2013, will demonstrate how galleries, libraries, archives and museums can unleash the viral potential of their collections.

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