The conference about digital strategies in heritage

2 - 3 December 2013
De Doelen, Rotterdam

Mitchell Davis

Keynote speaker - Publishing and media entrepreneur

Institutions of cultural heritage are becoming the creators of brand new user experiences that thrill people in the digital realm and insure the preservation of our most important ideas


Mitchell Davis is a publishing and media entrepreneur. He was a founder in 2000 of BookSurge, (acquired in 2005 and now Amazon’s CreateSpace), the world’s first integrated global print-on-demand and publishing services company. After working in senior management at Amazon for two years he co-founded BiblioLabs in 2007, where he serves as Chief Business Officer. BiblioLabs are the creators of BiblioBoard: an award-winning mobile App and web platform that is reinventing the library-patron user experience and mainstream digital humanities. The platform was launched with the firm belief that if libraries and cultural institutions can affordably create user-experiences that compete with those of leading consumer media companies, it will create a more sustainable institutional sales model for publishers and transform information access for society. BiblioLabs is self-funded, profitable and was seventh fastest growing media company in the 2012 Inc. 500 (right behind Facebook). Mitchell is also a founder and producer at Organic Process Productions (OPP) an ‘active philanthropic’ media production company whose projects have included an award-winning documentary after the New Orleans Katrina floods in 2005, a cause documentary surf film with the Quiksilver Foundation and dozens of other books, films and events. OPP's Web of Water documentary project won a National Education Innovation Award in 2011. He is a frequent writer and speaker on publishing, digital media and increasing the reach and influence of the library in modern society.

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