The conference about digital strategies in heritage

2 - 3 December 2013
De Doelen, Rotterdam

Aaron Straup Cope

Workshop leader - Smithsonian Institution's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

The promise of the Internet is to be a bridge for cross-pollinating peoples, ideas and communities. I am looking for opportunities to design and build the tools that will continue to realize the Idea of the network


Aaron is Canadian by birth, American by descent, North American by experience et Montréalais au fond. He usually just tells people he is from the Internet. Aaron is currently Senior Engineer (Internets and the Computers) at the Smithsonian Institution's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. Before that, Aaron was Senior Engineer at Flickr focusing on all things geo, machinetag and galleries related between 2004 and 2009. From 2009 to 2011 he was Design Technologist and Director of Inappropriate Project Names at Stamen Design, where he created the prettymaps and map=yes projects. Aaron spends a lot of time thinking about archiving social software and "looking glass" archives, in the form the Parallel Flickr and Privatesquare projects. A member of the Near Future Laboratory, Aaron also sits on the advisory board to the Built Works Registry and has served as Co-Director of Revolutionary Technologies for the Spinny Bar History Society since 2010. Once upon a time he was still a painter. Aaron's work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, the Harvard Graduate School of Design, the NACIS Atlas of Design and 20x200. He is a frequent speaker at the Museums and the Web conference and was a keynote speaker at both the New Zealand National Digital Forum and Access library technology conferences in 2012. He does not know how to explain the weird Rorschach circus that erupted following The New Aesthetic panel at SXSW 2012 but is proud to have been one of the speakers. Aaron blogs at thisisaaronland, makes bold 140-character executive poetry on Twitter at @thisisaaronland and does not normally speak in the third person.

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