The conference about digital strategies in heritage

2 - 3 December 2013
De Doelen, Rotterdam

What is DISH

About DISH2013

Digital Strategies for Heritage (DISH) is the bi-annual international conference on digital heritage and the strategies that heritage institutions can follow. Triggered by changes in society, heritage organisations face many challenges and need to make strategic decisions about their activities and services. The key motivators for the conference are inspiration, knowledge, skills and networking. DISH2013 takes place on
2 - 3 December 2013.

‘Sharing responsibilities’ and ‘trusting your participants’ are things we often talk about, but what do these terms really mean for heritage institutions?

Changing your attitude: how to be a cultural entrepreneur.

The new jobs: an introduction. What kinds of new roles are emerging in heritage institutions?


The New Institute
The New Institute celebrates the innovative power of architecture, design and e-culture. The organisation arose out of a merger between the Netherlands Architecture Institute; Premsela, the Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion; and Virtueel Platform, the e-culture knowledge institute. The institute manages and provides access to cultural heritage, including the State Archive for Architecture, encourages research, promotes national and international exhibitions and a programme of lectures and debates, develops educational packages, and has a transdisciplinary platform function.

DEN Foundation / Stichting DEN (Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland)
The DEN Foundation (Digital Heritage Netherlands) is the Dutch national knowledge centre for digital heritage. DEN supports cultural heritage institutions (archives, museums, libraries and special collections, archaeological and architectural history institutions) to improve their digital strategies and services. The sharing of knowledge of and experiences with ICT is a core mission of DEN. Furthermore, DEN encourages the institutions to invest in open technology, to implement ICT standards and to make use of other tools that contribute to sustainable information services.

Europeana brings together the digitised content of Europe’s galleries, libraries, museums, archives and audiovisual collections. Currently, Europeana provides integrated access to over 29 million books, films, paintings, museum objects and archival documents from some 2,200 content providers. The content is drawn from every European member state and the interface is in 29 European languages. Europeana receives its main funding from the European Commission. More information can be found at Follow us on Twitter @europeanaeu and #AllezCulture.
The Europeana Network is an open forum for experts across Europe, from content providers and aggregators to providers of technical, legal and strategic knowledge and the creative industries.

Previous editions


​On December 2 & 3 2013 The New Institute, DEN Foundation and Europeana joined forces to organize the third edition of DISH.


Retronaut: Disrupting History



Methods to act decisively and definitively to save at-risk digital materials



From 6 - 9 December 2011, The Netherlands Institute for Heritage and the DEN Foundation jointly organised the second international version of the Dutch national digital heritage conference: DISH2011. Read more about DISH2011 on


Michael Edson delivered a groundbreaking keynote



DISH2011 - Chris Batt



On 9 and 10 December 2009, The Netherlands Institute for Heritage and the DEN Foundation jointly organised the first international version of the Dutch national digital heritage conference: DISH2009. Read more about DISH2009 on


Ross Parry has been Lecturer in Museums and New Media at the University of Leicester



"When did you last annoy a teacher?"


DISH Themes

Is DISH for you?

The conference is for everyone who makes or influence decisions touching on the field of cultural heritage (directors and managers of heritage institutions, policy-makers, innovators and researchers). DISH enables participants to learn more about strategic decisions on all aspects of digital heritage, as well as about how their fellow participants are coping with strategy.

About the organisation

DISH2013 Team

Meet the people behind DISH.

Curious about the organisers of DISH? Have a look at all employees that work for DISH. Naturally, we could not organise DISH2013 without the help from external sources, so we also established a Programme Committee. The Programme Committee will meet three times to ensure that qualitative sessions and keynote speakers are arranged for DISH2013.

More about the organisation

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