The conference about digital strategies in heritage

2 - 3 December 2013
De Doelen, Rotterdam

Theme: Business for Creative Industries

A business-like approach to heritage is becoming more crucial, as becoming a cultural entrepreneur is now a key trait for institutions.

Business is an essential ingredient of any successful digital heritage strategy. Society now demands a high-value return from heritage. In order to be able to deliver this requirement, the right combination of creativity, innovation, logic and planning is essential. Business models offer a framework for this process.

DISH2013 will focus on successful collaborations with the creative industries. The creative industries are currently growing faster than the rest of the economy, providing a significant boost to employment. The creative sector drives innovation in other sectors and generates solutions to social challenges. Heritage institutions should work towards making knowledge accessible to the creative industries, as well as working together with them to develop new knowledge and create connections between science and everyday practice.

Within this broader topic, DISH2013 will highlight a few central questions: How can cultural heritage and the creative industries support each other? Which business models are effective in such collaborations and, conversely, which are not? What do the creative industries and heritage institutions want and expect from each other? In which ways are these expectations realistic and legitimate?

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