The conference about digital strategies in heritage

2 - 3 December 2013
De Doelen, Rotterdam

Premium Sponsors

  • Adlib

    Now and in the Future with Adlib
    Adlib Information Systems has a wealth of experience in automating the management of collections in libraries, museums and archives across the world. Our business is based on the key concepts of technical continuity, international standards, open systems architecture and user-friendliness.
    Technical continuity ensures the preservation of your data in the years to come, despite changes in computing technology.
    International standards and open architecture mean that your data can be shared both inside and outside your organization. User-friendliness means our products are designed for daily carefree and efficient use.
    These key concepts, along with our employment of the latest technology and continued involvement in the development and dissemination of professional standards and practices, have led to a large number of satisfied customers. They are also the reasons that collecting institutions of all types continue to choose Adlib software!

  • Picturae

    Picturae is a full service provider for the online publication of collections in the cultural heritage sector. This services ranges from digitisation, data entry, website design, collection management software, hosting, digital storage, financial business concepts and more.
    Picturae has developed a unique software infrastructure specifically for the purpose of managing digital image collections: Memorix Maior. This specialised application is the result of more than ten years of experience in the cultural heritage sector.
    A Digitial Asset Management (DAM) system within Memorix Maior is the heart of your multi-media collections. The Memorix architecture is based on open-source technology and allows for an unlimited number of users and licenses. And Memorix Maior is SPECTRUM Compliant.


  • De Ree Archiefsystemen

    DE REE archiefsystemen provides database software tailored specifically to the needs of record management institutions, offering a digital solution for the classification and management of historical records and other archive materials, with the aim of preserving the historical data and making it accessible and searchable online.

  • GMS

    Since 1982, GMS is a leading company in the field of digitising and disclosing a wide variety of archives for over 30 years, with an actual staff of abut 35 employees.
    GMS is a family business. For our clients, this means:

    • Short communication lines
    • Highly motivated employees
    • Customer oriented approach
    • Leading thanks to investing in state of the art techniques
    • GMS actually gives significance to the definition of after sales

    Below please find an overview of GMS’ main activities

    Cultural Heritage department (CE)
    • Bound books
    • Newspapers
    • Magazines
    • Photografic transparencies
    • Photos
    • Negatives
    • Charters
    • Large formats
    • Posters
    • Topographic maps

    Industrial scanning department (IS)
    • Loose paper archives
    • (Employee) records
    • Drawings
    • Micro films
    • Micro fiche cards
    • Aperture cards
    • Identity cards and residence cards
    • Audiovisual archives

    Data engineering department (NB)
    • File conversion
    • CR
    • Data Entry

    We strive towards a high level of customer satisfaction through innvation, knowhow and high quality standards

  • VDH Media

    VDH-media, your partner for (AV) archive digitization. Currently we offer the following digitization services:
    • Tape cleaning and specialised treatment to be able to process legacy master materials;
    • Digitization of virtually any consumer or professional video carrier type (including VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, V2000, VCR, 8mm video, Hi-8, Digital-8, Mini-DV, Betacam-SP, Beta-SX, 1 inch, DV-Cam, DVC-Pro, Digi-Beta, U-Matic, XD-Cam, HD-Cam and even uncommon formats like N1502/N1702, VT-100, etc.);
    • Film scanning of 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm or 35mm film;
    • Slide, negative or photo(book) scanning;
    • Digitization of audio carriers such as audiocassettes, magnetic tape reels, vinyl, DAT, minidisk and CD;
    • Digitization of documents, books, bound magazine issues, microfilm/microfiche, aperture cards, registers, newspapers, large-scale originals & drawings.

    We also offer supplementary services such as transcoding to a broad variety of file formats, storage (both digital and physical in our 100m2 climate-controlled vault) & data back-up, restoration, indexing and access (offline & online) to digital content.


    DEVENTit is an independent and innovative software house. We are specialized in market and
    client-specific solutions for collection management and portal construction in a web based environment. Our Atlantis software is flexible, reliable and scalable and acts as a solid basis for all our solutions.

    Our activities focus on:
    • Collection management software
    • Portal construction
    • Mobile applications
    • Hosting
    • Software development
    • Maintenance and support

    In case you want to be able to professionally manage your heritage information;
    if you want to collect heritage information;
    when you want availability of your heritage information to third parties;
    if you want to offer your users and customers an excellent heritage experience;
    Atlantis is the right choice!

  • MCW Interactive Multimedia

    MCW Studio’s is the unique full-service multimedia agency working with Internet, Multimedia, 3D visuals and animations, film and sound. We are strongly connected to the international offshore / oil&gas / energy / mobility sector, making MCW your partner in visualising your story into imaginative multimedia. We have in-house expertise to combine different media such as films, 2D and 3D animations, games, online productions, social media, touchscreen applications, smartphone and tablet applications into a highly effective communication mix.

    What would you do if you were looking for a company to make attractive multimedia? Maybe you would shortlist the companies you know, and the ones that are recommended by your friends. But have you thought of the people who know what it takes to create effective multimedia, without the fuss? A company which is innovative. Edgy. Sharp. Knows the business. Just like you. Just contact MCW!

  • iTour and – Bring your Heritage to Life!

    Turn your tourist attraction or cultural heritage site into a truly interactive experience with iTour and! iTour designs tours, indoors and outdoors, which visitors can follow using their mobile devices. Your newly created tour can be published in the free iTour app at any time. Whether you want to charge a fee for your tour, or offer it completely free of charge – that is up to you. The iTour app lets you capture your audience’s attention and imagination and lead them through your experience just like a real-life tour guide would.
    You control the experience – and your audience can easily spread the word through the app’s inbuilt social network connectivity.
    What's our goal? Our goal is to provide users with unforgettable, interactive and educational experiences.

    iTour, together with our technology partner, are joint sponsors of DISH 2013.

  • Rotterdam


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DISH2013 allows digital businesses the chance to meet with directors, librarians, curators, consultants and educators in the heritage industry.

Take a look at how sponsoring DISH2013 will boost your business in 2014. For more information, please contact Bas Rellum,, tel +31 (0) 10 4401 357.

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Heritage organisations know that the only way they can keep running is through the help of Digital Strategies for Heritage (DISH) – a two-day International conference designed to ‘show them the way’ in ICT strategies.

Travelling from across the globe to come together at De Doelen in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, this target group are searching for ways to learn about innovative connections between their industry and the digital world.

DISH2013 needs your business to provide a new understanding of skills, knowledge and a network that they can use in the future. By attending this year’s DISH 2013 on the 2nd and 3th of December 2013, you can create a new round of business for your company.

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