The conference about digital strategies in heritage

2 - 3 December 2013
De Doelen, Rotterdam

Keynote: Keynote: Mitchell Davis

Time Tue 03 Dec  |   10:25 - 11:10
Place Willem Burgerzaal

​A brave new world; How libraries and digital humanities will flourish in the 21st Century

About Keynote: Mitchell Davis

Over the past two decades, a tremendous gap has emerged between the user experiences delivered by consumer companies like Amazon, Apple, and Netflix and those delivered by the library. In a media world that is faster and increasingly mobile, the library is not even mentioned as part of the general consumer media experience. What is at risk if libraries cannot keep pace with the general media experiences being delivered by consumer companies? How do cultural institutions fit into this picture as publishers and curators? What new audiences are being created for these digital humanities projects?

This talk explores the importance of user experience in the digital realm, the role of the library as consumer media distributor and the changing nature of cultural institution as mainstream publisher. 

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