The conference about digital strategies in heritage

2 - 3 December 2013
De Doelen, Rotterdam

Become a sponsor and present to an audience of 200 influencers!

We serve you 5 reasons to become a sponsor

  1. To reach more than 200 visitors

    To advertise your welcome, on the front of De Doelen, Rotterdam, to 200 visitors to an internationally prominent conference. Or to use social media to reach thousands of people who are interested in DISH? Last year, DISH hosted over 15 different sponsors ranging from mobile phone application businesses to software management companies – this is a networking and marketing opportunity too good to miss.

  2. DISH will help you reach a target group that’s just right for you

    DISH enables you to meet a target group that is looking for innovation, inspiration and cooperation, a meeting that will produce benefits for your company to reap. You can meet influential policy makers, creative thinkers and enthusiastic experts in their fields. Share the ideas of your business, fly the flag for your ideas and talk one-on-one with your next client at DISH2013.

  3. DISH is what you are looking for

    DISH is inspiration, DISH is knowledge, DISH is innovation and DISH is networking: DISH is just what you’re looking for as a sponsor.

  4. DISH will boost your business

    DISH participants are looking for innovative ideas and applications, as well as refreshing and inspiring new contacts.

  5. DISH2013 is a calling card

    DISH is an original way to inspire your contacts: your participation in DISH2013 is a calling card that advertises your social responsibility.

Become a sponsor

DISH2013 allows digital businesses the chance to meet with directors, librarians, curators, consultants and educators in the heritage industry.

Take a look at how sponsoring DISH2013 will boost your business in 2014. For more information, please contact Bas Rellum,, tel +31 (0) 10 4401 357.

There are seven types of sponsorship:
•    Head sponsor
•    Chefs Tables
•    Lunch
•    Coffee/tea
•    Drinks/reception
•    Sponsor
•    Mini sponsor

A special sponsorship package has been developed for each type.

Heritage organisations know that the only way they can keep running is through the help of Digital Strategies for Heritage (DISH) – a two-day International conference designed to ‘show them the way’ in ICT strategies.

Travelling from across the globe to come together at De Doelen in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, this target group are searching for ways to learn about innovative connections between their industry and the digital world.

DISH2013 needs your business to provide a new understanding of skills, knowledge and a network that they can use in the future. By attending this year’s DISH 2013 on the 2nd and 3th of December 2013, you can create a new round of business for your company.

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